Duration of the Program:

3 months

This course will prepare you to take the CELPIP exam with confidence.

  • Reserved for students who have successfully completed the Advanced course or achieved the Advanced level in their placement test.
  • Pre-CELPIP stage to increase ESL fluency and ensure readiness for test training.
  • Test skills training on the four sections of the test by CELPIP certified teachers.
  • Simulations of official tests to ensure maximum confidence.
  • Individual talks with feedback from a CELPIP expert.
  • Reading, writing and listening comprehension training based on the test questions.
  • Between 60 to 80 hours of classes.
  • 2 classes per week according to the availability of the students.
  • Groups of maximum 8 students.

Our offer





CAD $600

Complete Course

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program


  • The CELPIP test assesses the four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking .
  • Specifically designed to assess the key skills required for permanent residency and Canadian citizenship.
  • The test uses Canadian English and accepts British and American English spelling and grammar for the different components. If you wish to take the CELPIP test to apply for Express Entry, CELPIP-General Training (four-skill test) is required.