Our way of teaching

We have designed a curriculum that will allow you to develop each of the linguistic competencies necessary for you to function in any French-speaking environment. That is why our focus is on developing comprehension and production skills through:

  • Oral and Written Comprehension Exercises
  • Oral and Written Production Exercises
  • Vocabulary and grammar structures in real communicative contexts
  • Phonetics and pronunciation tips
  • Variety of French-speaking accents (France, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, among others).
  • Multiculturality (cultural tips to learn curious facts about the language)


Certified and committed instructors. Carefully selected by Planeta Immiland Education to teach dynamic classes and motivate students to achieve their language goals.


  • Live classes in which each student must actively participate. In our classes we all speak.
  • Small groups of maximum 10 students.
  • Daily homework to promote learning in each of the classes (compulsory).
  • A friendly yet challenging environment that forces you out of your comfort zone.
  • Tests and graded assignments that you need to complete so that you can pass to the following level. 


Communicative goals focused on daily life situations to work on the development of the 4 basic skills for learning any language:

  1. Oral Production
  2. Written Production
  3. Oral Comprehension
  4. Written Comprehension

Our Material and Levels

All our levels have been created with French language proficiency levels in mind:

NCLC (Niveau de Compétence linguistique Canadien) or CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark), in order to develop the communication skills necessary for a general French to develop your life in Canada.

Thus, through our program, you will be able to acquire these levels.

- Débutant

- Élémentaire

- Pré-Intermédiaire

- Intermédiaire

Duration of our levels and time availability

To complete each level we have 2 time slots in order to adapt to your availability in the best possible way:



Under this modality, you will be able to complete the beginner level in 8 weeks. 



Under this modality you will be able to complete the elementary level in 9 weeks.



Under this modality, you will be able to complete the pre-intermediate level in 12 weeks. 



Under this modality, you will be able to complete the intermediate level in 8 weeks. 

Remember that no method works without the commitment and discipline of the students.

It is only when we bring together prepared instructors, robust material and committed students that we can finally cross the language barrier.