Duolingo Preparation Course

  • Open enrollment according to ON DEMAND programs. 

As these groups are open on demand, it is important that you know the following details before you register:

- Your registration will be taken into account for the start of classes nearest to have the group with the necessary number of students, each start is scheduled on Mondays.
- This will prevent you from having to wait 1 month to start your classes, so you can do it as soon as possible.
- The number of weeks of waiting will depend on having the group full of students to enable the course, but we can guarantee that it will not be more than 3.

English classes will be 100% live and participative via virtual classrooms.

  • Attendance is part of the evaluation process, so it is important to attend at least 70% of the classes. Having a minimum of this evaluation the student will be obliged to repeat the level.

  • If you are unable to attend your class, you will be able to watch the recorded class.
  • At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. 
  • Supporting material will be available in online format
  • Classes are group classes with a maximum of 10 participants.

For any information you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

[email protected]


$150.00 CAD

Planeta Immiland Inc.'s terms and conditions

1- Registration:
Registration for English classes can be done directly by the student online or with the help of Planeta Immiland education's team of agents.

2- Course costs:
The costs reflected on the website are subject to change without prior notice.

3. Completion of payment:
In order to confirm admission and secure a place within the language classes it is required that the student makes full payment for the level(s) to be taken directly on our Platform. The required means of payment will be credit card or debit card that allows online purchases.
Depending on the particular situation of each student, Planeta Immiland will determine if it can accept a different means of payment than the one indicated in the previous paragraph.

4. Cancellation policy:
- More than 30 days before the start date of classes: 100% refund
- Between 29 days to 20 days before the start of classes: 75% refund
- Between 19 days to 10 days before the start of classes: 50% refund
Between 9 days to 5 days days before the start of classes: 25% refund

If for reasons of force majeure the student cannot start the course for which he/she has paid, the student must justify this fact and the academy will reserve the right to recognize a credit on behalf of the student so that he/she can postpone the start of classes.
If once the student has started the program, he/she will lose the rest of the level he/she has to drop. If the student paid for more than one level, then a credit will be granted for the rest of the months that have not been studied.

5. Results:
Planeta Immiland does not commit to any degree to guarantee results in any student. Each student is responsible for his/her own learning process. Planeta Immiland commits to provide all the resources and means necessary to achieve the desired objective but it is up to the student to achieve the desired level.

6. Class start dates:
Planeta Immiland reserves the right to change class start dates depending on the level of students registered for each class start. Planeta Immiland will inform students in advance.

7. Student's level:
As a result of the placement test, Planeta Immiland will place the student in the level considered appropriate for the student. If the student determines that the level is too low or too high for his/her own level, then the student has a period of 5 working days to communicate to his/her teacher that he/she wishes to be moved to a different level. If the 5 business days pass the student will lose the right to request a level change and must complete the level in which he/she was placed.

8. Course Completion Certificate:
The student understands that the course completion certificate will not at any time supplant an official language test result such as IELTS / CELPIP / CAEL / TOEFL etc.

The student understands that the Planeta Immiland course is not a pathway for admission to any college or university in Canada or any other English or French speaking country.

9. Support material:
The support material for the classes has been developed by the Planeta Immiland team and its reproduction and distribution for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

10. Missed classes:
If the student misses classes from their program. The student will have access to the recording of the missed class but will not be able to request the teacher to cover points covered in the missed class as it will delay the other students in the class.

11. Nationality of teachers:
The student understands and agrees that the nationality of the teachers may be from countries of any nationality. Therefore, the teachers will not necessarily be native English or French speakers, but they will be teachers with certified experience in teaching the language.

ATTENTION: In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved between the two parties, our
institution follows the guidelines of Languages Canada guidelines for dispute resolution and will be the final
final arbiter of any given situation.

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